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A New Floor for NEW MOVES: by Madeline Waters
Posted by Krysta Cihi

Madeline Waters is the NSO Operations Intern.

Before the orchestra arrives, tunes, and rehearses each morning, the NSO crew is hard at work preparing for their arrival. This involves setting up all the required percussion equipment, chairs, stands, and lights that the orchestra will need for that day. This week, the crew had an extra task: preparing for the three dance companies that will be performing with the National Symphony Orchestra as part of our two-week long NEW MOVES: symphony + dance festival.

The repertoire for the three programs is fully orchestrated and includes works from Bernstein, Neikrug, Gershwin, Barber, Ellington, Oliverio, Copland, and Adams. Since the orchestra needs all available stage space to accommodate their full setup, the question became: 'Where on stage will the dancers go?' That's where the crew comes in.

A 16 foot deep stage extension was installed on Monday morning, consisting of 24 interlocking components, reaching out from the edge of the Concert Hall stage, over the first five rows of the audience.

Thin panels of plywood are placed on top of the black extension to create a more uniform look.

The guest performers are accustomed to dancing on a floor covered with marley, a performance surface made of large thin sheets of vinyl. This must also be rolled out and taped down before the dance companies arrive.

The marley comes to the Concert Hall on large rollers. Each sheet is 6 feet wide and 40 feet long.

Voilà! Thanks to the NSO crew, we now have a 16 foot stage extension covered in grey marley ready for rehearsals, concerts, and most importantly: dancing! The festival will feature three dance companies performing in three different programs, with two performances each. We are excited to welcome KEIGWIN + COMPANY, New Ballet Ensemble, and Jessica Lang Dance to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall to dance in this collaborative festival. We are also looking forward to hearing our talented soloists, Sue Heineman, NSO Principal Bassoon; Jauvon Gilliam, NSO Principal Timpani; and Leila Josefowicz, guest violin; each performing on a different program during the two-week long festival.

Come join us for NEW MOVES: symphony + dance, May 7-17, 2014!



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